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Unsubscribing from AccesNet, The Easy Way

After doing some research online, I found out that millions of people forget to cancel their subscriptions before the auto-renewal. The number can go as high as 68%, which is a crazy high number. Of course, the service providers don’t see this as a huge problem, they get to keep making money. Personally, I am also guilty of this, very recently I noticed some charges on my bank account. It was from a service that I remember using a few months ago. I was losing money and didn’t even know. I need to be more responsible about these things, after all, money does not grow on trees. The service that I forgot to unsubscribe from is called AccesNet, they are a sort of customer support plus online billing company. I must have bought something that they were in charge of. Unsubscribing was actually pretty easy and hassle-free.

From what I saw on their website, there are 3 ways to unsubscribe from their service:

First: You need to go to AccesNet’s homepage and log in to your account. Just use the e-mail you used to subscribe to the service and the password you received in your inbox to log in. If you couldn’t find the password, always remember to check the spam folders. Log in and go to the “Your Access” section, find the “Cancel” button and click it. You will be unsubscribed immediately, now you just have to wait for the confirmation e-mail.

Second: Did you forget your log in credentials? No problem, on AccesNet’s home page just below the e-mail/password login form, you will see a second form. In this form, all you have to do is enter the first 6 and last 4 digits of the credit card you used to purchase the subscription. After you have done that, the process is going to be similar to the one I spoke about previously. Find the “Your Access” page and click the “Cancel” button and await confirmation via e-mail.

Log in with your credit card

Third: If right now you can’t use the first 2 steps, don’t stress. AccesNet also offers customer support and it is a pretty good one and, most importantly, fast. This is pretty straight forward, just call them (the number and schedule can be found on the homepage) and follow their instructions. They can be contacted by phone, e-mail, or even by messaging.

Image of the customer support contact information

After reading this post, you should go to your bank account and check if there are any services that you don’t use anymore, but are still paying for. Months of this can leave a dent in your personal finances.

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