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Rovupay – End their subscription almost automatically

In an era of more and more automated systems, online payment subscription services have also evolved and nowadays are constructed in simple and easy to use platforms, either to their usual members or to their new subscribers that are willing to test these kinds of services and products for a specific time period.

Currently, in this vast sector, companies have been transforming their websites and online payment systems in order to avoid constant pressure and time-consuming into their customer support teams.

We’ve analyzed a specific example, in this case, Rovupay, which is a secure payment management on the Internet, a platform that serves as a bridge between services and products from a wide range of sectors of the internet, which are constantly being subscribed by various types of users.

In order to check their performance in terms of simplicity and if they are covering the needs of regular members for logging in to their website or to someone who is simply willing to cancel their service, we’ve checked their homepage in full detail to understand if such information is directly available and if the process can be done in a faster way.

How to stop any future charges from RovuPay

First, we’ve looked into the possibility of canceling their service right away.

The field for this is given in the top right corner of their homepage, where you can easily insert your email address and then click in the bottom in front to unsubscribe.

That process will lead to an automatic email sent to your inbox, which you can afterwards open and click the link to unsubscribe from their service.

Of course, such emails can sometimes be found in your spam folder, where you should look for if it didn’t arrive after some minutes (at most) into your inbox.

Receive your password

Secondly, we’ve checked how someone can log in to their payment management platform.

This step is normally used for users that are willing to check their last transactions within this service, to check their active subscriptions or even if they are willing to stop or cancel this service.

Two fields are available for the login.

One if you remember the email and password you have used for subscribing to their service and the other if you can’t remember or simply lost your login details.

For the last one, you can enter the first 6 and last 4 numbers present in the credit card you’ve used to subscribe to this service.

For the specific case of Rovupay, we can conclude that the process for canceling their services is quite easy and can be done in a matter of minutes.

This is also true for logging in into member accounts, which have two separate highlighted fields specifically designed and presented to the users in a simple way.

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