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Should you use PayPal?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has heard about PayPal, it’s a favorite for people that want to send and receive money online. It has been around since 2002 and in that period it has built a very robust list of satisfied users. With these types of services, it doesn’t matter how long you have been in the game, what matters is security. So, should you use PayPal? For the most part, PayPal is safe to use and link your accounts to. The level of risk really depends on what you’re going to use it for. For buyers,…Continue reading Should you use PayPal?

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Using Joinserverview to terminate their Service

Am I the only one that is starting to feel frustrated with the amount of subscription-based services we have today? It feels like everyone has one these days. If you only pay for a few every month, they are actually cheap, but the minute you start paying for too many services that’s when you start to see the cost of it all. You could just choose to not buy them, but all the things I want to watch are never just in one service so I have to get a few. Yesterday, I actually noticed that I was paying for…Continue reading Using Joinserverview to terminate their Service

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Billed by Consonet? Here’s how you can stop their billing

These days, subscription services are everywhere. Music, movies, TV shows even video games have their subscription services. Because of the enormous number of services out there and the ever so appealing trials, it has become quite easy to forget which services you are using and which services you aren’t using but still paying for every month. And to make things worse, sometimes the billing isn’t even done by the service provider, but instead by a partner that is in charge of billing the customers. This explains why, sometimes, you look at your bank account and see the names of companies…Continue reading Billed by Consonet? Here’s how you can stop their billing

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Unsubscribe from KoniPay with 3 easy methods

Isn’t it funny how, the more streaming services we have, the harder it is to find the movies you want to watch? And because of all those streaming services, now instead of just paying for one thing, you have to pay for multiple things, because different movies are in different apps. Anyway, most of us spend more time scrolling through the menus instead of actually watching something new. It’s usually the same things you already know you like. Recently I had to subscribe to a service called Konipay, but I forgot to cancel the subscription, cause I’m still paying for…Continue reading Unsubscribe from KoniPay with 3 easy methods

Avoiding credit card fraud

Let’s learn the most common techniques used by con artists and how to avoid them. For starters, in case of loss, misplacement or theft of the card, contact the issuing entity or the bank itself. To facilitate the notification, always have your card number and associated account number at hand, as well as the name of the issuing entity. Essential Safety Tips When you are waiting for the arrival of your new card, be aware of the deadline indicated by the bank. If it doesn’t arrive by the due date, contact the issuing entity to let them know. When you…Continue reading Avoiding credit card fraud