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Using Joinserverview to terminate their Service

Am I the only one that is starting to feel frustrated with the amount of subscription-based services we have today? It feels like everyone has one these days. If you only pay for a few every month, they are actually cheap, but the minute you start paying for too many services that’s when you start to see the cost of it all. You could just choose to not buy them, but all the things I want to watch are never just in one service so I have to get a few. Yesterday, I actually noticed that I was paying for a service that I don’t use anymore, kinda makes you feel like you were robbed even though it was your fault. It is the first time this happens to me, I am usually very good with keeping up with my expenses, but I guess Joinserverview (the service I forgot to cancel) slipped through. No use in crying now. Right now I need to cancel this service and since I have a blog where I can post stuff, I thought it would be nice to help someone that might be in the same situation as me. So, without further ado let’s cancel this service before I lose more money. 

After going to their homepage, I see 2 distinct ways to unsubscribe from their services.

First, you need to go to their homepage and click on the “Memberships” link at the top of the page, after clicking the link you will be taken to a page where you can log in to your account. To log in, Joinserverview gives you 2 sections. Make sure you supply a minimum of 2 fields, one of which has to come from section 1. For example, using your email on section 1 and your username on section 2 or using the first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card and the email/username. After logging in, just find the subscription you wish to cancel and click the cancel link. It is now done.

The other option is to use their customer support. To do this, go to the homepage and click the “Contact Us” link on the top part of the page. After doing that, you will be redirected to a page that has all the information about their customer support, like the email and phone number. Also on this page, there will be a form that you can use to send them an email to ask about anything related to billing including if you forgot your login credentials.

I think I covered everything hopefully if you were in the same situation as me my blog post helped you get out of it without too much hassle.

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