2 Methods to help Cancel AdyaPay Subscription

2 Methods to help Cancel AdyaPay Subscription

If you want to cancel the AdyaPay subscription, this is the only guide you need. In our guide, you will find a very easy-to-follow list of how to cancel the subscription you acquired with AdyaPay.

After working for almost 5 years in a payment management system platform that had different kinds of websites and products across the internet, I’ve learned a bit about how all of these systems work. 

One thing that was noticeable since the first day, was the number of clients that didn’t cancel their subscriptions before the renewal date. These kinds of membership platforms are way more transparent these days and offer faster and easier ways to terminate such services.

I take the example of Adyapay, to show you how easy it can be to cancel this type of service.

Simple steps to cancel the AdyaPay subscription

As soon as you enter their webpage (AdyaPay.com), they show you the 2 methods you can use to unsubscribe from the online subscriptions:

1) You can log in by using the email you used to register to the service as well as the password. You should have gotten this information by email at the time of enrollment. Be sure to check the spam folder on your email.

2) If you really can’t find that information. You can also enter your account with the numbers of your credit card, by using the first 6 and the last 4 numbers of the card you used to subscribe to.

AdyaPay cancel subscription

As soon as you have logged in with any of these methods into your account, then you are able to see all your memberships, having access for instance to your last deals and also any kind of subscribed solutions you currently have active.

To terminate those, simply pick which one you want to and click the “Cancel” button. Afterward, you should wait on a verification email that should show up right away (don’t forget your spam folder)

AdyaPay stop subscription

It will certainly harm your account balance if you leave several memberships active and if you don’t use them at all, then simply follow methods like the one we describe above for Adyapay to cancel such services.

If the system platform does make the terminating process as practical and easy as possible, then the perception of a client that is already leaving the service will be better than one that needs to still handle a cancelation which is problematic and that takes a lot of his or her time.

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