JakaPay bank charges? Here is how to stop all the JakaPay debits

JakaPay bank charges? Here is how to stop all the JakaPay debits

JakaPay bank charges always occur because of subscriptions. This means you are subscribed to a service provided by one of JakaPay’s partners (more on this later).

These days subscriptions are so commonplace that it is very likely you forgot you had a JakaPay subscription in the first place.

This being a subscription, it means that the withdrawals will keep happening until you decide to cancel the subscription you have on the JakaPay website.

ParciePay cancel subscription

ParciePay – Cancel the subscription and stop any future debits

Have you discovered a debit from ParciePay on your bank account statements? Well, it seems you might have failed to remember to terminate a subscription you perhaps do not use anymore.

Withdrawals such as the ones from ParciePay happen a lot. They always stem from a subscription you acquired.

With this post, we aim to aid you to terminate that membership as quickly and simply as possible.

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