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Unsubscribe from KoniPay with 3 easy methods

Isn’t it funny how, the more streaming services we have, the harder it is to find the movies you want to watch? And because of all those streaming services, now instead of just paying for one thing, you have to pay for multiple things, because different movies are in different apps. Anyway, most of us spend more time scrolling through the menus instead of actually watching something new. It’s usually the same things you already know you like. Recently I had to subscribe to a service called Konipay, but I forgot to cancel the subscription, cause I’m still paying for…Continue reading Unsubscribe from KoniPay with 3 easy methods

Avoiding credit card fraud

Let’s learn the most common techniques used by con artists and how to avoid them. For starters, in case of loss, misplacement or theft of the card, contact the issuing entity or the bank itself. To facilitate the notification, always have your card number and associated account number at hand, as well as the name of the issuing entity. Essential Safety Tips When you are waiting for the arrival of your new card, be aware of the deadline indicated by the bank. If it doesn’t arrive by the due date, contact the issuing entity to let them know. When you…Continue reading Avoiding credit card fraud

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How to stop being billed by PayAcces

Today I realized I was paying for something I don’t use anymore. From time to time, I have the habit of checking my bank account to see if there’s nothing out of order, and today I noticed I had a payment in the name of PayAcces. I never heard this name before, so I obviously went on the internet and did some research. From what I can tell, this PayAcces is actually just a type of subscription management system that apparently has merchant partners that made PayAcces responsible for the billing and customer support. So that explains why they showed…Continue reading How to stop being billed by PayAcces